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Easy Butler

A fast and easy way to update your games! · By TheCrafters001


Recent updates
The latest version of easy butler can be seen in the images above. It includes a TON of bug fixes, as it was rebuilt entirely...
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What is new in this update: Updated look Updated feel Updated usability Added a new "Easy Wizard" as a downloadable option in the install wizard (Prepackaged in...
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New! - Settings
Hello everyone! I am here to let you know about a new update I am working on! Today, I want to tell you about a GUI update. Easy Butler will be getting a settin...
Updated page images
Updated the page with the new images...
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A fast and easy way to update your games!
This is a complete overhaul. It is better if you check it out for your self!...
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added zip...
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A fast and easy way to update your games!
Easy Butler V. Official Patch Easy Butler brings new features to the table! This is the change log! NOTE: Easy Butler is now on GitHub ! This al...
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Easy Butler Last Update
Easy Butler (Graphical Version) is now the official version of Easy Butler, also, Version is the last version for it, as it is the simplest version of i...

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