A downloadable HTML Editor for Windows


EasyHTML is a free to use, easy-to-understand HTML Editor. It has Live Code Preview, and Exporting. You can save, and load, all your projects with ease, and you can easily update existing websites created with it! The Live Code Preview allows you to see what the website code looks like as you update it, and you can export that code with one click! The best part about all of this, is that the project is FREE and OPEN-SOURCE! Click "More Information" to get a link to the Source Code.


EasyHTML Installer 1 MB

Development log


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I would love to had something like that for android.  When I started to learn HTML decade ago. Now I need relearn it all but look like a interesting program.

Hi. Thank you for your comment!

I built this program in the hopes that people can learn HTML. While I know it can be intimidating to have all the elements for HTML on the right hand side of the main editor window, I think it is a great learning tool. Now, for android, that is a lot harder, as I would need to learn how to use Android Studio. And honestly, I can't read/write Java. Oddly enough this program was made with a very high level programming language (Visual Basic), as that is the only one I can read and write for. If you would like to see the source code, you are more than welcome to. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!